Last week, "The Official Pokemon Company" announced two versions of the most awaited 8th generation of Pokemon game termed as "Pokemon Sword" and "Pokemon Shield." Many "Pokemon" games were released after "Pokemon Sun and Moon" but the latest announcement adds to the list of the main RPG series of the franchise.

The footage for the latest announcement of the game also gave fans a glimpse of the cute starters of the next generation. The fire-type starter is called "Scorbunny" and as the name suggests, it is a rabbit. The Water-type starter is lizard called "Sobble." The Grass-type starter is a chimp called "Grookey." The game will take place in the Galar region which has many types of environments including snow-covered mountains, thick forests, and idyllic countryside.

Newspaper mistakes meme for original 'Pokemon' game

After the reveal of the footage from the latest "Pokemon" games, fans were quick to share their theories about the third version of the game. The most popular theory which was shared by the Twitter user @Sir5000 was termed as "Pokemon Gun." The term was accompanied by a green logo that shared an uncanny resemblance with the original logos. Here's the fan made version of the logo:

According to Kotaku, some fans, including journalists, were not able to distinguish between the official and the fan version of the logo.

A Mexican newspaper website "La Voz de Michoacán" ran a story about the latest "Pokemon" games on their site on February 27. The article itself did not mention anything about the "Pokemon Gun" although it included a retweeted version of the above tweet.

On March 2, the print version of the paper made the same mistake. The article, which was written by Mario Plancarte, covered the announcement of the games.

Although there was no mention of "Pokemon Gun" in the text, the images accompanying the article included all three logos. Here's a photo of the newspaper:

As you can see, the logos are placed in such a way that it corresponds to the color of the starters.

The placement makes it look like Grookey is trying to reach for the gun in the logo. The official Twitter account of the newspaper apologized for their mistake afterward.

The error in the print is good for laughs, but there is no way that a gun is making its way to the game targeted towards young kids. Currently, there is no official date for the release of "Pokemon Sword and Shield," but it is said that the game will be launching on Nintendo Switch later this year.