There are tons of brand-exclusive outfits in "Fortnite" and Samsung is planning on rewarding another outfit to players who purchase their latest smartphone device. Last time, Samsung's Galaxy Skin promotion was a huge success and a lot of "Fortnite" fans bought Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab 4 just to get that skin. Now, a new outfit called "iKONIK" has been rewarded to players that purchase Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10+, or S10.

An additional emote called "Scenario" will also be rewarded to players that successfully redeem the iKONIK skin. Both, outfit and emote, are based on popular K-Pop culture and inspired by Jung Chanwoo from the K-Pop band iKON.

The skin was supposed to be released on March 8, but it seems like players that have bought into the promotion will have to wait for a bit longer because Samsung has run into an unexpected problem.

When to expect the release of the exclusive outfit?

Samsung released a statement regarding the issue, but the cause of the delay was not clearly mentioned. According to a tweet from the phone manufacturer, the iKONIK outfit and the Scenario emote has been delayed as Samsung and Epic Games looks into the process of distribution before making it widely available.

It is rumored that the outfit and accompanying emote has been delayed due to the reason that they will be made widely available to all Samsung flagship owners, instead of being exclusively rewarded to players that own the Samsung Galaxy S10.

A lot of fans were disappointed due to the fact that they pre-ordered the device just to grab this exclusive skin and on March 5, Epic Games accidentally added the skin to "Fortnite's" in-game store, so some players that had not even purchased the latest Samsung device were able to purchase the skin from the store. When made aware of the issue, Epic Games responded to it by saying that the exclusive skin's appearance in the in-game shop was unintentional and has since been removed from the store.

According to Samsung, the date for the release of the skin will be announced on their official site and currently, the site provides no clear date for the release of the skin.

Here's how the new outfit and emote look like in the game:

"Fortnite" and Samsung will also be holding an event in New York City on Saturday, March 16 where Twitch streamer Ninja will be playing Fortnite with iKON star Jung Chanwoo. In a recent live stream, Ninja revealed that a new map is in works for the upcoming event.