Epic Games will keep releasing weekly updates for "Fortnite Battle Royale" in Season 8. The v8.00 patch, which has brought the new season to the game, was released on Thursday, February 28, and we can expect another big update next Thursday. Data miners have found a lot of interesting game files which have been added with the big patch, and thanks to them, we now know what things are coming to the popular video game.

After every patch, the video game developer mostly releases a content update which requires no client up and no server downtime. This is why it is safe to assume that we are going to get the v8.00 content update next week, and the respawn mechanic could come with it.

Epic Games has already hinted at this during the Reddit AMA, and it appears that we will get it early in the eighth season.

Respawn in Fortnite's PvP mode

The respawn mechanic is new to the battle royale genre. This mechanic has been around for a long time, but it has been mostly used in deathmatch modes. However, "Apex Legends" introduced this mechanic, and it works surprisingly well. Many players didn't think this would work in a battle royale game, but there is definitely a way to make it work without ruining the balance of the game.

The v8.00 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" has added respawn vans all over the island. These vans are visible when players enter the replay mode, and data miners have found some game files which indicate that the mechanic is ready to be released.

According to the game files, this mechanic will be called "Second Chance" in "Fortnite Battle Royale." The vans are scattered around the island, and can be found by the Block, in Haunted Hills, and other places. At the moment, it is unknown how this feature is going to work in Epic Games' video game, but players have a few theories about it.

How it's going to work?

It appears that whenever players die, they will drop a card which will be able to be picked up by their teammates. After that, teammates will take the card to one of the Second Chance vans and they will be able to respawn the player who was eliminated earlier.

This feature may only work in Duos and Squads modes, as respawning in the Solo mode does not make sense.

However, Epic Games has said that there will be some testing of this feature first, so we can expect it to be released in a limited-time game mode. After all, it could all be just a part of the special Squads game mode called Second Chance.