Epic Games has made some big changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the v8.00 patch. Players have received a new Battle Pass that features over 100 rewards, big map changes, and a few additions to the gameplay. There is also a new pirate cannon. The season has been out for two days and players are still exploring the new features. One of them, however, makes sniping much easier and players can use it to their advantage and take enemies out more easily.

A few weeks ago, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer released a small change to the in-game marking system.

This change allows players to mark a spot on the map without opening a minimap, and it has been praised by the community. The Season 8 update has further improved this feature, and players can now mark an enemy location, and they can also see how far their marker is located, which helps with sniping.

How to snipe targets easily

While many players believe that Epic Games took the marking feature from "Apex Legends," the truth is that the marking feature in "Fortnite Battle Royale" came out before the other game was released. The latest update simply allows players to mark an enemy location, instead of a neutral location, and it shows the distance between the player and the marker. The "Apex Legends" pinging is much more advanced, and there is a big difference between it and the "Fortnite" marking.

Thanks to the distance calculation, players can see how far their enemies are. Considering that sniper rifles have the bullet drop mechanic in "Fortnite Battle Royale," knowing the distance of the target provides huge assistance.

To hit an enemy with a sniper rifle, the most important thing is to know the distance to that enemy.

The screenshot above shows how "Fortnite" players should aim in order to hit a target. Before firing a sniper rifle, it is necessary to mark a spot on the map where an enemy is, and then to correctly aim the weapon (like the infantry rifle) at them. With some practice, players can use this mechanic to become more accurate with snipers and to gain some quick-and-easy eliminations.

Sniping accuracy

Using the marking mechanic won't make anyone hit 100 percent of their shots, however, it can drastically change your skills with sniper rifles. This trick is very useful when sniping targets who are stationary, and it can give you amazing accuracy in these situations. If an enemy is moving, it is important to predict their movement and use the distance calculation to land a successful shot.