"Fortnite" is finally in its eighth season and Epic Games has introduced a lot of new items, locations, and sounds to the game. One of those locations is Sharky Shrubs. Players who were able to complete the 13 overtime challenges in Season 7 will receive the battle pass for the latest season for free. It means that players will be able to unlock the pirate outfit called Blackheart and Hybrid outfit before jumping in their first match in this season. Other battle pass skins include Sidewinder, Luxe, Peel, Master Key, and Ember.

Leaked Season 8 cosmetics

The battle pass skins can be unlocked even on the first day of Season 8, but there are more skins that we will see in the item shop soon. Thanks to data miners, the following list of outfits have been extracted from the game files of the latest patch.

  • Sunflower (Uncommon) - "Certified organic."
  • Hayseed (Uncommon) - "Roll up your sleeves and battle the field."
  • Munitions Major (Uncommon) - "Fire in the hole!"
  • Carbon Commando (Rare) - "Redefining state of the art."
  • Hypernova (Rare) - "Undeniable."
  • Sunbird (Rare) - "Fly in light, and eclipse the sun."
  • Bandolette (Rare) - "Unrivaled ambush predator of the jungle."
  • Mezmer (Rare) - "All eyes are on you."
  • IKONIK (Epic) - "Define the moment."

What follows is all the new leaked backblings that will most likely appear in the items shop within the next two weeks.

  • Sun Sprout (Uncommon) - "Perfectly Sunny."
  • Haystacks (Uncommon) - "Characteristically unfriendly to birds."
  • Oscilloscope (Rare) - "Dialed in."
  • Hypnotic (Rare) - "Look into my eyes..."
  • Carbon Pack (Rare) - "Lightweight and combat ready."
  • Sun Wings (Epic) - "Solar powered."
  • Mutiny (Legendary) - "Seize the wheel."
  • High Caliber (Legendary) - "Fully loaded flair."

There are also a lot of new harvesting tools added to the game in Season 8.

All of them are listed below.

  • Machete (Uncommon) - "Cut through the jungle."
  • Brute Force (Uncommon) - "unavoidable."
  • Axetec (Uncommon) - "Axe of the ancients."
  • Uni-horn (Rare) - "Take the competition by the horn."
  • Longhorn (Rare) - "Corral the competition."
  • Gold Digger (Rare) - "The gold standard."
  • Swag Masher (Epic) - "Get the loot."
  • Flawless (Epic) - "Experience perfection."
  • Dragon's Claw (Epic) - "Defend the lair."

Finally, there are two gliders that have been leaked by the data miners.

The gliders are called Sunrise and Choppa. These are all the cosmetic items that have been leaked by the data miners so far, and it is rumored that some of these cosmetic items are part of a special promotion.