Bungie’s latest vidoc about “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Drifter has teased some of the upcoming content in the game alongside some new gear to grind for. Dmg also gave players a preview on some of the fixes that will be rolled out in the game come next week. The community manager has provided another patch note preview as it detailed some upcoming changes in the game’s year two armor and enhanced perks.

Random rolls

Dmg tweeted out another tweak that will be included in the 2.2.0 update. According to his post, they are updating “D2’s” Year 2 armor in the upcoming patch to feature random rolls on the stat package.

He further explained that what was locked to a Mobile stat package will now roll with a Restorative, Heavy or Mobile stat package. Down in the comments, someone asked if there’s any info on enhanced perks on more than Raid/DC gear to which the community manager responded that the upcoming Tier 3 Reckoning will have the chance for enhanced perks to drop on Prime armor sets.

He also revealed over on r/DestinyTheGame that they will be rolling out a fix on Tuesday to address an issue in the game where challenges would sometimes double up (there’s a day in the week that there is no daily to complete). This after an SGA post on the subreddit advising players to not play both Heroic Strikes and Gambit so that players can carry the Daily Challenges over to season 6.

Xur getting updated too

The mysterious Agent of the Nine – Xur will be updated as well in Season of the Drifter. Dmg revealed that the vendor will begin selling Forsaken Exotics next week. He pointed out, though, that Fated Engrams will not be offering Forsaken Exotics, but it will be looked at in future patches.

Dmg also assured the Destiny community that Xur will still be the same old “snake-faced bastard” from “D1” adding that the merchant will still have a rotation of items from various releases. He went on stating that they are also checking at the perks that can roll on armor pieces making his weekly stock more exciting.

The vendor's whereabouts

For those who are wondering on Xur’s whereabouts this week, Guardians can head over to the Watcher’s Grave area in Nessus. The items on hand include the Exotic grenade launcher – The Colony, the Knucklehead Radar helmet, Claws of Ahamkara gauntlets, and the Peacekeepers leg armor. These Exotics will be available from March 1 until the fifth which is the kickoff date for season 6.