Guardians are just a few days away from “Destiny 2’s” Season of the Drifter as Bungie’s Community Manager Cozmo announced that the vidoc for the upcoming season will be rolled out this Thursday. Dmg, on the other hand, revealed over on Twitter some of the issues that will be fixed in the online-only shooter once the update goes Live next week.

Fixed in Season 6

As mentioned, Dmg recently tweeted out some of the issues that will be fixed in “D2’s” sixth season. Some of these issues that got resolved include:

  • The bug within the Black Armory box quest where players can only pick it up on one character.
  • Perks (ex. Surrounded) that did not proc on Stryker’s Surehand when fully masterworked.
  • Triumph notifications are being consistently re-triggered whenever players are transferring items using the Destiny app.
  • The Exotic energy bow – Le Monarque not being able to apply poison on long distances.
  • Guitar errors.
  • The Dragonfly Spec not triggering under certain latency conditions.

Dmg further explained that the raid test took some time in tracking these guitar errors down and revealed that they have changes going into the 2.2.0 patch that should address the issue.

He went on stating that both error codes and networking can be one of the most difficult concerns to address in the game, adding that “it’s absolutely a bummer that flawless runs were impacted by it.”

As for the Dragonfly Spec, this was addressed about a month ago and was observed to be working as it should on a test build. However, it was also noticed that other networking issues can prevent the perk from functioning.

Dmg added that latency can hamper the increase of both blast radius and damage.

Crucible super icons and Broadsword quest

The community manager also stated over on r/DestinyTheGame that the community’s desire for icons to differentiate between supers has been passed along. He pointed out, though, that there’s no definite time as to when a change would be implemented.

Meanwhile, Cozmo tweeted that the Broadsword quest will not reset. However, players’ rank will reset come March 5 if they’re on the step that requires them to reach a certain Glory rank. Another thing that he addressed is the game’s accessibility options and he stated over on’s forum page that they are always working to add more of it in the game.

He added that he’ll be passing along the feedback on changing the reticle size and color of weapons to help the visually impaired/color blind members of their player base.