The mysterious Agent of the Nine – Xur is back once again selling his Exotic merch and this time, he did not forget the Warlock stuff. Alongside the merchant’s return is the Invitation of the Nine Quest that will run for nine weeks and will reward players with both powerful drop and lore. Bungie, on the other hand, responded to their community’s concerns regarding “Destiny 2’s” grind for light every season, issues with the Allegiance quest, and a release date for the Dreaming City tweaks. Also, players were able to find a way to beat the Savathun’s Song strike boss for the Thorn hand cannon.

Getting burned out

Reddit user u/CryptikDragon made a lengthy post over on r/DestinyTheGame to express his frustration at the game’s grind for light. According to the OP, albeit him enjoying “D2’s” Annual Pass, he stated that he’s “really burning out grinding to max light” again this season, not to mention that he dislikes the game’s weekly milestone system. He even pointed out what he believes to be the “main flaws” and ways on how to improve it.

Per Cozmo, his takeaway is that “the milestone progression system makes Guardians play the content that they don’t enjoy and that they’d rather have a path to power up where they can play the activities they prefer.” He also took note of a so-called duplicate protection that was suggested by the OP including the Enhancement core economy that the Redditor believes is making power progression less fun.

At their own pace

He also took to Twitter to announce that players can complete Xur’s quests at their own pace. He pointed out, though, that players would take longer to complete those tasks if they miss several weeks’ worth of quests.

Dmg also tweeted out that the third tier for the Reckoning has been rolled out and players can now earn Notorious armor sets for Gambit Prime alongside some new triumphs to complete. As for the lost Allegiance quests, the community manager stated that a planned fix will be deployed in hotfix that is tentatively scheduled for next week.

Bungie recently announced that changes to Dreaming City cosmetics are inbound, but wasn’t able to disclose a release date. However, Dmg over on Bungie’s forum page revealed that the tweaks won’t be arriving in the game until a later patch in April.

Thorn strike cheese

Meanwhile, a “D2” YouTuber – Cheese Forever - uploaded a clip a few days ago detailing how players can keep from dying in the boss room at The Chasm of Screams Savathun’s Song strike for the Thorn. The strike is still the same, though there are a few boss knights being added, not to mention that it’s 660 power and both blackout iron and incoming elemental damage are upped.