St. Patrick's day is only a day away and it seems like Epic Games has is ready to release some new "Fortnite" content on the same day. Just like last year, data miners have found that there will be new skins and other cosmetic items coming to the game on 17th March. Along with the cosmetic items, a brand new LTM called "Going Green" will also be might also make its debut on St. Patrick's day this year.

New outfits and LTM in 'Fortnite'

"Skin-Tracker," the unofficial database of 3D models for "Fortnite" and other games, recently tweeted an image containing new strings that were added in patch v8.10.

The descriptions suggest that there will be new outfits and other cosmetic items coming to the game on St. Patrick's day. Although the cosmetic items are currently encrypted, the data miner was able to get the titles and descriptions of the items:

  • Lucky Rider - "Ride on and make your own luck."
  • Emerald Smasher - "Uncommonly Green."
  • Rainbow Clover - "Three leaf fashion."
  • Burning Axe - "Immortal instrument of fire."
  • Malice - "Simply Malicious."
  • Malice Wings
  • Mauler - "Mean and green."

Famous "Fortnite" data miner Lucas7Yoshi was able to find information about a new St. Patrick's day-themed Limited Time Mode. According to the leaker, the new game mode is called "Going Green" and it is going to be like classic battle royale but with a St.

Patrick's day twist. All loot found from the chest is going to be of uncommon rarity (Green) and only the buried treasure chests are going to provide rare loot. The data miner was also able to get his hands on the thumbnail of Limited Time Mode that is rumored to go live tomorrow. Here's the image:

The new skin looks similar to the Burnout and Overtaker outfit and it might also feature other styles.

According to Dexerto, we might see the return of one of the rarest skin of the game - Sgt. Green Clover. This uncommon outfit was last seen in the item shop almost a year ago and at that time "Fortnite" had less than half of the player base it currently has, that is why players will rarely come across another player wearing this outfit.

It should be noted that the information about the new LTM and outfits have not been confirmed by Epic Games yet.

Today's item shop of "Fortnite" features the recently leaked skins, Kenji and Kuno. The outfits also have their own backblings called "Katana and Kunai" and "Dual Karma." The popular Getaway LTM and its challenges have also returned to "Fortnite" this week, so grab the free rewards before they go away.