"Devil may Cry" fans rejoice. Come April fool's day, players can engage in a gameplay mode that's been with the series since the second installment- the Bloody Palace. "Devil May Cry V," the latest installment in the acclaimed hack and slash series, will include the mode in a downloadable update. Those who were worried that the mode would be charged DLC can rest easy as the update will be free of charge.

This party's getting crazy

For the uninitiated, "Devil May Cry" is a hack and slash combat series created by Hideki Kamiya and published by Capcom.

Kamiya had previously worked on "Resident Evil 2" and originally intended "DMC" to be the fourth "Resident Evil" title before Shinji Mikami demanded it be made into a completely new franchise. Most of the entries in the series revolves around a trash-talking demon hunter known as Dante. The games are well renowned for their precise and stylish combat system, over the top attitude, and punishing difficulty. The first entry was developed by a branch of Capcom known as "Team Little Devils," who'd later change their name to "Clover Studios," and finally to "Platinum Games." As Platinum, the team left Capcom and created other hack and slash franchises such as "Madworld" and "Bayonetta."

However, the company never forgot about "Devil May Cry," and commissioned other branches within to develop later titles in the series.

The second entry was panned by fans and critics for toning down Dante's wisecracking and the difficulty, but it was also the first appearance of the Bloody Palace. The mode is a single elimination tournament where players must face off against the games' many enemies through descending floors. Further entries would experiment with the formula further.

The third game would introduce the much-acclaimed styles system which allowed players to tailor Dante's fighting methods to their choosing.


Following a divisive reboot by Cambridge based developer Ninja Theory, Capcom's internal studio brought the series back to its roots with its fifth installment. Dante returns alongside fan favorites such as Trish, Nero, and Virgil.

While the game was well received by fans and critics, many noted the absence of the much beloved Bloody Palace. Another Capcom game, "Dead Rising 4," received criticism for making the traditional overtime mode paid DLC when previous "Dead Rising" games included the mode free of charge after getting the best ending. Fans need not worry that "DMCV" would follow that trend. The official Twitter account announced that the mode would be downloadable on April 1st.