Season 1 of "Apex Legends" is finally here! Respawn Entertainment has released it a month and a half after the video game came out, and players can now earn exclusive rewards through the first Battle Pass. Although players are not impressed with the pass rewards, the video game developer has explained that future Battle Passes will include better rewards and more features. For now, the gaming creator wants to keep it simple.

Besides the cosmetic rewards, Respawn Entertainment has released several gameplay changes as well. Patch notes have been posted on Reddit, and players can see all the changes that have come out with the latest update.

New legend

The first season of "Apex Legends" has brought us the new legend, Octane. This legend had been leaked a few weeks ago and was finally released to the game. This "High-Speed Daredevil" restores one health every two seconds with the passive ability. The legend also moves 30 percent faster for six seconds after activating the tactical ability, which costs health to use.

Octane's ultimate ability is the Launch Pad that catapults players through the air. This ability takes 90 seconds to recharge, and players have already seen it in the game. The legend costs 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins to unlock.

Stability and performance

The "Apex Legends" developer has improved stability on a different graphics card.

In addition, PC crash reporting has been improved, and PlayStation 4 crashes have been fixed. PC and both consoles have also received the player reporting feature. This can be used to report players who are cheating, teaming up, and so on.

Skydiving has been optimized to improve server performance and game clients will no longer crash after opening one Apex Pack after another.

Quality of life improvements

  • Console players can now swap their bumper and trigger buttons to switch their functions. Trigger dead zones can also be adjusted with the latest update.
  • Sprint view shake setting has been added to video options which can help with motion sickness.
  • Advanced look controls can be adjusted in the controller tab.
  • Pathfinder now has an updated grapple icon and can grapple ziplines.
  • Adjusted hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to better align with their shapes.
  • D-Pad navigation has been added to in-game menus
  • Numerous bug fixes and gameplay improvements, including the glitch that allowed players to quickly swap weapons by changing stances

For complete patch notes, visit the official post made by Respawn Entertainment.