The wait is finally over and the Season 8 patch for" Fortnite," that was scheduled for 9 AM GMT is finally out now. Before heading into the new map, the first thing the players are going to do is download a 2.25 GB patch (on PC), although Epic Games and some data miners were able to give us the first look at the new point of interests and player outfits.

In case you haven't heard about the theme of the latest season, it is based in a nautical setting and its description is "X marks the spot." The new season has pirates, cannons and... bananas. Yes, you heard it right.

It turns out that banana in the background of the fourth teaser of season 8 is an outfit and not just a pet, although there a couple of new pets coming to the game in the latest update.

New locations in 'Fortnite'

The first and the biggest change made to the season 8 map is the removal of Wailing Woods. Wailing Woods was slowly burning since last week and we finally know the reason behind it. A gigantic volcano and a place called Sunny Steps has replaced Wailing Wood. There's lava flowing all over the place and it seems like Tomato Temple was also one of its victims. Here's the new map:

But wait, a classic point of interest has returned to "Fortnite" in this patch.

Risky Reels, which was replaced by The Block has finally returned to its original location and The Block has been moved to the western side of Lazy Links, or at least what remains of it. Lazy Links has turned into a lagoon and it's called Lazy Lagoon. The icy biome of the map remains untouched in the latest season update.

New outfits in 'Fortnite'

Just like the rest of the seasons, this "Fortnite" season's battle pass also has tons of new awesome skins. The good thing about this season's battle pass is that a lot of people got it for free after completing the 13 overtime challenges in the previous season. Once players purchase the battle pass, they'll instantly unlock two progressive outfits called Blackheart and Hybrid.

Below are all the skins included in the season 8 battle pass:

1. Blackheart - "The dreaded captain of the stormy seas."

2. Hybrid - "Become the dragon."

3. Luxe - "Don't try me. I'm unstoppable."

4. Sidewinder - "Coiled and ready to strike gold."

5. Peely - "Go bananas." (Reactive: Ripens, changes color overtime)

6. Master Key - "Unlock your true potential. The key lies within."

7. Ember - "Take steady aim with hands of flame."

That's it for the battle pass skins. The majority of them have style options and will change based on the challenges completed. More information about the rest of skins in the latest update is going to be leaked soon, so stay tuned.