Apex Legends” data miners have recently leaked names of what could be upcoming characters in the game, though their images are yet to be revealed. However, one of these Legends’ images just got leaked alongside its abilities and If this spilled intel is anything to go by, the character is pretty much OP.

Octane is a bit OP

A screenshot of the Legend known as Octane has been posted over on Reddit by u/Voeno, though the YouTuber, The Gaming Merchant, pointed out that the image originally came from childz_pl4y’s Instagram account. Three of his abilities can also be seen from the image:

  • Swift Mend (Passive) - While Octane is not taking damage, his health gets restored over time.
  • Adrenaline Junkie (Tactical) - Octane can move 30 percent faster for six seconds, though this will cost him 10 percent of his health. He’ll be immune to slows while the ability is active.
  • Launch Pad (Ultimate) - A deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air.

Provided that this leak is true, this would make Octane a quicker Legend as compared to both Bloodhound and Bangalore.

Swift Mend is also an interesting ability as it was mentioned that the Legend can heal over time. The Gaming Merchant even described it as “an upgraded Lifeline drone for solo players.”

He also said in his recent upload that the 10 percent health cost in Octane’s Tactical may seem like a lot, but if this is only the Legend’s base health, and not shields, this is just 10 HP. Another thing that the YouTuber pointed out is the character’s Tactical make him immune to slows which means Octane can run through caustic gas through Bangalore’s ult and believes that it can even remove Arc star slows.

It fits with the silhouette

Gaming Merchants clip showed another image claiming that it’s Octane’s 3D render.

He added that the image “fits within the theme of the game” and matches up with the silhouette of one of the previously teased Legends in the original “Apex” in-depth trailer.

The YouTuber said that he reached out to Childz_pl4y and asked where he got the leaks. However, the data miner declined on disclosing such information, though he allowed Merchant to use the screenshots.

Merchant added that if the leaks do fit in the bag, he believes that the yet to be revealed Legend might be rolled out sometime in March. Just like any other leaks, it is important to keep in mind that it still not yet confirmed and should be taken with pinches of salt.