Epic Games has announced the custom matchmaking feature for "Fortnite Battle Royale" a long time ago. The video game developer first talked about it in one of the state of development posts, making players excited for things to come. Unfortunately, only a small number of players has been able to use the feature so far, and it has never been officially released.

According to the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer, things are going to change soon as more players will be given access to this feature. Epic Games is working on a few big updates that will be released within a few months, and we can expect custom matchmaking to be released very soon.

One positive thing is that the video game creator is now testing big features that are coming to the game. This means they will take a longer time to come out, but they should be bug-free after their release.

Custom matchmaking

Custom matchmaking allows "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to join the same lobby with other players they invite. This works through in-game codes, and everyone who has the same code is put in one lobby. At the moment, custom matchmaking keys are only available to a small number of players and organizations, and they are mostly used for smaller tournaments and scrimmages.

According to Melissa from Epic Games, the video game developer will open up access to Fortnite's custom matchmaking with a limited number of creators.

This means that only players who have been accepted into the Support-A-Creator program will have the opportunity to test the upcoming feature. However, there is no doubt that Epic Games will release it for everyone after the testing phase.

Right now, it is unknown what will be the criteria for joining the testing program.

However, considering that the custom matchmaking works best with 100 players in a lobby, we can expect the game developer to be very picky about content creators and only pick the biggest ones. This is the second testing session Epic Games is doing this month, which means that we could get the new features in March.

Support-A-Creator program

The video game developer has made a big announcement for content creators. Starting on February 8, approved creators will receive four times more compensation when their supporters buy something from the in-game store. The percentage was increased to 20 percent, up from 5, and creators have until February 22 to use this opportunity.