“Destiny 2’s” Valentine event – Crimson Days kicks off today alongside a couple of new items to grind for. Bungie also took to the game’s subreddit to address some of the concerns being brought to light by their player base which include solicitation posts within the Companion app, the game’s Infamy, and the Gambit Triumph.

Reddit user u/droidcds recently expressed his ire regarding the above-mentioned spam/solicitation posts in “D2’s” Companion app. The player added that he has gone tired of scrolling down the same post from other players asking for money in exchange of carrying fellow Guardians get through some of the difficult parts of the game (Imgur link showing Luna for $50 and Not Forgotten for $100).

In the works

With that in mind, Cozmo revealed that they are as of late devising better tools to prevent such posts from happening in the Find Fireteam feature on the Companion app. He added that one of the things that the dev team will be adding is a feature that will allow players to report these so-called bad Fireteam posts.


The community manager also addressed Gambit’s Infamy. This, after someone from the subreddit, requested to bring back the activity’s double/triple Infamy events.

The OP also pointed out that there wasn't any increase in the number of Gambit items that can drop nor any real incentive to play the game mode in the current season.

That said, Cozmo assured them that this will be passed along among the team since it’s something that players want to see before this season comes to a close.

Lightening up the Gambit triumph

In line with this, another player suggested to “lighten up” the Gambit triumph from the current three down to just one fast fill.

Redditor u/DARKzIMPULSE further explained that the triumph is pretty much “luck-based” and situational adding that it needs to be tweaked.

According to the OP, Guardians will have to go from zero to 15 motes in less than three seconds, though other players believe that it’s just two seconds since the game does not instantly register all the motes that are being picked up.

He also pointed out that the only strategy that works for this seemingly impossible triumph is to throw rounds in hopes that a large high-value target would pop up. This would drop 13 motes and then eliminating two ads next to that high-value target. The problem with this strategy is that the motes tend to fly in every direction which is very frustrating.

Cozmo admitted that the Gambit triumph was indeed too difficult, though he assured players that they’ll be changing its difficulty in the upcoming update.