Destiny 2’s” 2.1.4 update is now live as it brought in some changes and bug fixes in the game. Alongside the patch is The Word Exotic Quest that marks the return of The Last Word hand cannon. The developer also addressed other issues that were raised by the “D2” community which include AFK players, Powerful Bounties, and the series of strange Xbox updates.

Reddit user u/bo0MXxXsplatter recently took to r/DestinyTheGame to raise his concerns about how inconsistent the game’s “auto-kick timer” is. Per the post, the Redditor claims that there was an instance where a random player “AFKed the entire strike without even moving,” but gets kicked out from the match whenever he goes for even just a pee break.

Bungie’s aware of it

Cozmo took notice of it as he stated on his post that it’s now being checked on. He added that they are well aware of both the frustration of these players and the ones who are constantly doing it.

He also posted a couple tweets regarding the fixes they made regarding the Celestial Nighthawk exploit and the Like a Diamond Flawless Triumph. He pointed out that the latter is as of late not retroactive in granting players, though they are looking for ways on how to grant those who have previously completed it.

Dmg, on the other hand, recently tweeted out that in future updates, Powerful Bounties will not be removed from players’ inventory. Instead, these will be capped. He also pointed out that players can still acquire rolls on either weapons or armor that they’re hunting for in the game.

OEM to be tweaked

The Exotic Titan helmet – the One-Eyed Mask – has been deemed by a lot of “D2” players to be one of the most powerful Exotic armors in the game.

However, Reddit user u/IHCarapernelia stated on his post that it is about time that Bungie did some tweaks on the headpiece due to the fact that it hasn’t been part of any balance patch since it was released. Dmg made a response to this request and assured the community that they are now looking into it “with tuning in mind for a future update,” adding that they’ll be rolling out more information about it as soon as they arise.

Dmg also made some clarifications regarding the series of bizarre updates that were received by Xbox players. Per the message, it stated that each individual item downloaded (all expansions, pre-order bonuses, season passes, and even the upcoming Penumbra according to u/t_moneyzz) requires it’s “own separate minuscule update.” Dmg apologized for the confusion it caused as he stated that those are just related to some updates to localization packages.