The grind for The Last Word continues in “Destiny 2” as there are still Guardians out there who have yet to acquire this returning Exotic. There are others, however, who have raised their concerns about several issues in the game which include the recoil comparison between PC and console, the Warlock class, and loss mechanics in quests.

On weapon recoil in consoles

There are several posts over on r/DestinyTheGame talking about the game’s weapon recoil as players (especially on console) have requested Bungie to somewhat “standardize” it. The YouTuber Fallout Plays, even uploaded a video discussing how “insane” the recoil of The Last Word is on a console as compared to PC.

That said, Cozmo responded to one of the Reddit posts stating that it has been noted and will be passed along.

Loss mechanics

The community manager also passed along another player's feedback regarding the loss mechanics in quests as a lot of them have expressed their ire about it. Per a post over on, losing a huge amount of progress in “D2” is just one of the most frustrating things to ever happen in the game especially if the activity is disliked by many (Crucible step in TLW for example). It went on stating that “hyper competitive” players will have no problems completing it, but average players will be “disproportionally punished.”

Warlocks deemed weak by players

Another issue that Cozmo took note of over on Bungie forums is the issue within the Warlock class as players have deemed it to be weak.

According to the OP (Grimmra), while both Titan and Hunter classes received substantial buffs, the three roaming supers for Warlocks “are now trash” as compared to the other two classes.

The OP also pointed out that the nerfs done to the Nova Warp were “taken way too far,” adding that Warlock players will be hard pressed in getting a couple of eliminations.

He went on, stating that it is currently the least used class in the Crucible by a long shot and Bungie has to do something about it.

Possible workaround

In the latest TWAB blog post, both Cozmo and Dmg confirmed that there was an intermittent bug in The Draw Exotic quest’s final step where some players were not rewarded with the Exotic hand cannon. However, the former stated that there were players who claim that waiting a bit longer before jumping down into the hole prevented the bug from happening, though Bungie hasn’t confirmed anything yet.