“Destiny 2’s” Season of the Forge is about to come to a close, though there are still a couple more events up its sleeve, namely Crimson Days and the Iron Banner. Bungie has just announced that coming next week, Orbit cards will begin to appear in the game giving Guardians a heads up on what to expect in “D2.” They’ve also responded to several posts over on their social media channels involving invader spawns, collecting feedback from the community, and easier access for bounty pickup.

Reddit user u/HazikoSazujiii recently made a post over on r/DestinyTheGame about invasions in Gambit stating that it needs some work.

The player suggested a couple of things:

  • Add more variance to the current spawn location on each map
  • Either add three more spawns between the current ones or just add a unique spawning area that’s out of reach by the opposing team.

Details next season

As per Dmg, he already spoke with the team adding that it’s a point of feedback that will be addressed in the upcoming season. He also revealed that the devs have been working on improving the game mode’s spawn point selection system to prevent instant death when entering the other team’s area.

Two-way communication

The community manager also commented on another post suggesting to have a regular two-way discussion with both developer and designers for players to know how their feedback is being put to use.

Dmg stated they’ve been adding more developer commentary to their communications over the last year in the form of DevInsights, patch notes, ViDocs, and TWAB posts. He also pointed out both of Bungie’s Community Summits and playtests where they invite certain individuals who represent the player base to give their feedback about the game.

He added that he’s not sure if such a setup would come to fruition as he further explained that it would be “a single person speaking to a sea of community members from various backgrounds.”

Picking up bounties

Cozmo, on the other hand, stated over on Bungie forums that he had passed along the feedback on players wanting easier access to picking up bounties. He added that there’s a couple of suggestions that he took notice of:

  • Bounties being accessible from the director
  • Being able to pick it up from the Companion App using the API

As for the latter, Edgar Verona stated a few months back that they’ve been discussing it, though there are a few design and technical challenges that might prevent them from doing it.