Destiny 2: A new TWAB post has just been released and it detailed some interesting changes in Season of the Drifter especially with “Destiny 2’s” Gambit mode. Bungie also responded to some of the community concerns about the upcoming update which includes shotgun tweaks, Taken Goblins, and powering up quickly for the new Annual Pass content.

According to the new blog post, both shotguns and linear fusion rifles in “D2” will be getting fine-tuned. With the exception of The Legend of Acrius, shotguns will be getting a damage multiplier in PvE, though its ammo reserves were re-evaluated due to its buffed damage per shot.

On Shotgun changes

Cozmo, over on Reddit, further explained that it’s a PvE tweak where they also had the chance to adjust PvP at the same time. He added that the goal was “to create more diversity of viable shotguns for PvE instead of having full auto versions of the weapon that seem like a must-pick.”

In line with this, Dmg also stated that “PvE will be getting damage buffs across multiple archetypes so that more shotguns can compete for their players’ playtime” instead of just using the IKELOS. This came after a Reddit user stated in the comments that the recent changes to shotguns are just Bungie’s fancy way of saying that they are nerfing these weapons in the Crucible, but they don’t want the PvE players to get mad at them, hence the damage increase.

They’ll go monitor it once it goes live

D2” players also expressed their concerns about Taken Goblins as they believe that this enemy type might ruin the Gambit experience. Per Cozmo, Goblins can no longer shield each other forever, adding that players can immediately jump in and break it.

However, Dmg stated otherwise and claims that it happened in playtests, though not as frequently as the game’s launch due to a tweak in a previous hotfix. He went on, stating that they haven’t come across any instances of the so-called infinite shielding and assured the community they’ll be on a lookout for how prevalent the issue is by the time the upcoming update goes live.

Powering up and Pinnacle Weapons

For players whose Guardians are still on a low power level, Cozmo hinted over on Reddit that they’ll have more info next week regarding how these players can quickly power up and play the upcoming content. Dmg, on the other hand, also made some hints at upcoming details regarding Pinnacle Weapons for season 6 (Season of the Drifter) and it will be revealed by Cozmo next week.