The next "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch is going to be huge, according to everything Epic Games has revealed to us so far. The latest update, which was the third v7.10 content update, was big, and it has brought some huge balance changes to the popular video game. It appears that the video game developer has worked hard on the next update as well, since everything the development team has revealed points to a big patch with a lot of new things and changes.

Epic Games has revealed a few things that are going to be added with the v7.20 patch. The patch is going to fix the annoying bug that would cause players to sometimes build walls underground, it is going to fix a damage indicator when shooting Mounted Turrets, and players will also get at least one new item with it.

For the first time, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will have a scoped pistol, and it is going to be interesting to see how it works.

Scoped pistol is coming to the game

The "Fortnite" developer has posted an in-game announcement for the upcoming weapon. A Scoped Revolver is going to be very unique as the game developer hadn't added anything like that before. At the moment, we don't know any details about it, but it will most likely be very similar to a Hand Cannon, but with a decreased damage to structures.

The Legendary Hand Cannon deals 78 base damage with a 2x headshot multiplier. The new weapon will most likely have similar stats and only come in two highest rarities, Epic and Legendary.

After all, the Hand Cannon is simply an improved version of the original Revolver, and since the Revolver has been vaulted, Epic Games has decided to rework it and make it more useful.

"Six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range," is what the game developer put as Scoped Revolver's description.

It is important to note that the Six Shooter has been vaulted with the third v7.10 content update, so it won't be surprising if Epic Games makes the new weapon have a faster fire rate.

Driftboard and other changes with the upcoming patch

Epic Games has delayed the Driftboard release due to bugs, but it may be released with the v7.20 patch.

The video game creator has confirmed that there will no longer be underground walls in the game as the patch will fix this bug and make walls appear above ground. Additionally, when players hit a Mounted Turret, the damage indicator will show an orange color, just like it does for quadcrushers and airplanes.