Epic Games is going to release a huge "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch on Tuesday, January 15. After three content updates, this is going to be the first big patch, and we expect a lot of new things to be added to the popular video game. The game creator has already revealed some things that are going to be released with the upcoming patch, and there is no doubt that players will get even things the developer hasn't revealed yet.

Whenever Epic Games releases a new patch for "Fortnite," data miners find new files that are added to the game data. Thanks to data miners, we can find out what items and skins are going to be added to the game soon.

However, the video game developer has revealed most of the details this time, and we already know what's going to be released. The biggest change will be a glider redeployment feature that is coming back to "Fortnite Battle Royale."

Glider redeploy to come back

A few months ago, the "Fortnite" developer tested the glider redeployment for a short period. This feature was enabled in regular modes and it was rather controversial. At the beginning, most players had negative feedback about it, but this had slowly changed over time. Nonetheless, Epic Games had decided to remove the feature from regular playlists, keeping it only in some limited-time game modes.

The v7.20 patch is going to bring the glider redeployment back, but it is going to be slightly different.

Instead of everyone having this feature enabled by default, glider redeployment is going to be an item. Players will be able to find this item in floor loot, chests, vending machines, and supply llamas. Considering that it is going to to take an inventory slot, some players will not use it at all.

"The goal with the item is to provide mobility and utility, but in a form that can be balanced and iterated upon.

By implementing glider redeploy as an item we can iterate on multiple different levels (i.e. redeploy height, movement speed, drop chance, charge count), including inventory slot tension," is what Epic Games posted on their blog.

Players will get a few charges of this item and each glider redeployment is going to consume one charge.

Using launch pads and rifts-to-go will not consume any charges.

Patch release date

The upcoming patch will be released on January 15 at 5 AM Eastern Time. It will require a client update and will bring many new things to the game, including a brand new weapon.