"Fortnite Battle Royale" elimination records are extremely tough to beat, but many players are trying to do it every single day. As the game meta keeps changing, players get more creative in finding different ways to eliminate their opponents and set new records. However, some players make it even more difficult for themselves to beat some of these records, and that is exactly what has recently happened on a PC.

The duo-versus-squads record has been broken once again. This time, however, it has been broken by players who were using controllers in PC lobbies.

You read that right. Thanks to the custom keybinds and numerous options which make controllers more effective, some console players are much better than PC players, and another proof was the 47-elimination game by ImClutchPlayz and iMrSharpShooter.

The amazing record

The previous duo-versus-squads elimination record on a PC was 46 eliminations. This record was set by French players Nayte and Spk, who beat the record by three eliminations. Before the French team, popular streamers Ninja and Sypher had held the record with 43 eliminations in total.

This time, the record was set by players who were using controllers in a PC lobby, and they have managed to beat the previous record by single elimination.

The new record holders had a great chance to make it 48 eliminations, but unfortunately, one of the enemies at the end of the game was eliminated by a zombie. ImClutchPlayz finished the record-breaking match with 14 eliminations while his partner iMrSharpShooter has managed to get 33 of them.

This record would have been very impressive, regardless of the input method the players used.

However, the fact that it was much harder for them to play against keyboard and mouse users makes this record even more amazing. It is important to note that PC players will always be matched up against other PC players, despite using a controller. This was the change that was implemented with the input-based matchmaking change.

On the other side, console players are matched up against players who use the same input method as they do.

What's next?

It will be interesting to see if other controller users will try to break this record. There is no doubt that this will be extremely difficult considering that the new record holders almost eliminated half of the lobby in their record-breaking match. It won't be surprising if someone eventually breaks the record again, but 48 eliminations will be very hard to achieve.