The mysterious title "Death Stranding" has become one of the most anticipated Video Games of the year. Gaming fans have gone crazy, waiting for the release of this new PlayStation 4 exclusive game. The game has become the subject of endless speculations and rumors in the gaming community, especially for PlayStation gamers.

"Death Stranding" is the first video game from Japanese video designer Hideo Kojima and his development team after their controversial departure from former employer Konami in 2015. This PS4 exclusive game is expected to be released sometime in 2019.

Kojima finally confirms no release this year

Recently, US retailer Best Buy suggested that the new game might be released this year. In fact, the online retailer has already ‘available 2019 stickers’ to their pre-order cards, which hints something a possible release date.

However, things are about to change as a new tweet from Kojima suggests that gaming fans might be in for a much longer wait. This could also mean that the release date will likely move or extend, possibly next year. Still, there is no official statement or comment coming from the development team, Kojima and team are on radio silent about this matter.

Reportedly the Japanese video creator is just making some game, trying to erode away at the rising expectations that the game will launch this year.

The goal is to build a strong buzz or hype around the game and surprise people later down the road.

It is also possible that Kojima is making some marketing gimmick. The Japanese video creator is known in the gaming world for building buzz and hype around the game before making an official announcement.

The partnership with Guerilla Games and the Decima Engine

In developing "Death Stranding," Hideo Kojima’s gaming studio Kojima Productions has entered into a partnership with the Dutch-based gaming studio Guerilla Games, which also developed the widely popular PS4 exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn. The two have made a good partnership.

Guerilla Games helped Kojima’s team, providing the development team with the proprietary game engine Decima Engine, which is the same gaming engine used in "Killzone Shadow Fall" and the PS4 hit game "Horizon Zero Dawn." So expect some serious graphics works on this upcoming game.

Watch the NoCip video below to learn more about Guerilla Games.

Launched in November 2013, the Decima Engine boasts tools for creating a gaming environment. These include artificial intelligence tech, logic tools, and game physics. The engine is reportedly compatible with 4k resolution as well as high-dynamic-range imaging used in most Sony’s PS4 games.

The Decima Engine was first used in "Killzone Shadow Fall," Guerilla Games’s very own first-person shooter game.

After the release of Killzone Shadow Fall, the Dutch studio used it again in the development of the "Horizon Zero Dawn."

Gaming players who have already played "Horizon Zero Dawn" and other Guerilla-developed titles that have used Decima will also expect the same gaming experience even more in the upcoming PS4 exclusive game "Death Stranding."

Currently, "Death Stranding" still in development with no officially-announced release date. The game is exclusive only to Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, so there's no chance it will come to other gaming platforms like the PC or Xbox One.

Many gaming analysts also believe that the new game will likely be a cross-gen title, which means that it will be payable on both PS4 and the upcoming PS5 console.