Bungie’s TWAB blog post came a bit late this week as it announced the incoming changes in “Destiny 2’s” supers and the return of Mayhem. Prior to the post, the developer also responded to some of the player base’s concerns about the game which include SBMM and the Heavy Ammo Finder. In line with this, a player has stumbled upon an exploit in the game claiming that it would allow Guardians to have an infinite amount of heavy ammo in PvP.

Ammo Finder perk

A few days ago, Community Manager Cozmo stated over on r/DestinyTheGame that there were no bugs in the content.

This came after someone from the subreddit asked for an update since the player was given the impression that the perk is having issues. Cozmo further explained that it has a “slight effect on the scale” that is quite enough to affect the outcome. He pointed out, though, that it’s “not that much to throw the ammo economy out of the window.” He also assured players that the dev team is as of late looking for some possible changes that can be implemented on it since a lot of them believe that the perks aren’t impactful enough. As for players who think that Bungie stealthily added skill-based matchmaking, Cozmo stated that no such feature was added.

A heavy ammo exploit

YouTuber Cheese Forever, on the other hand, recently uploaded a video showcasing what he calls an "infinite heavy ammo in PvP” exploit. Per his video, he said that there are a couple of ways on how to increase heavy ammo in PvP – via fallen Guardians or the brick on the wall.

He added that the latter can drop more ammo depending on the player’s magazine size. He further explained that having either an extended or appended mag on a machine gun can get more heavy per brick off the wall.

Meanwhile, fallen Guardians who have heavy ammo drops it off as a brick that other players can pick up. Cheese added that players may run scavenger perks on their armor to increase the amount of heavy ammo they acquire through those bricks.

He then detailed how the exploit can be done using this method. Cheese said that by having one of the teammates eliminated and picking up the dropped ammo with scavenger perks. That said, eliminated players (via turnback timer) are actually passing the ammo to Guardians running scavengers and pass it again to another scavenger to duplicate the ammo. The YouTuber went on saying that players who’ll be trying this exploit won’t be breaking any rules, though they’re not actually playing fair.