Kevin the Cube played a major part in "Fortnite Battle Royale" during Season 5 and Season 6. The cube first appeared near Paradise Palms, and it had been slowly making its way around the in-game island. It left numerous runes on the ground, as well as low-gravity areas which were later turned into corrupted areas. The cube was last seen in its original state moments before it fell into Loot Lake and made the lake bouncy.

In Season 6, the cube appeared under the floating island that was located at Loot Lake. The island kept moving around the map, activating corrupted areas and culminating with the Butterfly event.

After that event, the cube disappeared and "Fortnite" players were unable to find it anywhere on the map. However, it appears that Epic Games is preparing another surprise, as some players have spotted the cube in the game recently.

The cube is back

Right now, it is unknown what the purpose of the cube is going to be, but Epic Games has hinted at its return. The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer is known for teasing players with creative hints and clues, and the cube's return may be a hint of things to come. Reddit user Triggyrd was the first one to spot Kevin the Cube. The redditor spotted the cube in the lobby background and shared it with the community on the popular social network.

As you can see in the tweet above, the cube has appeared in the lobby background.

The background features Frosty Flights, one of the newest places that got added in Season 7 of the popular video game. The cube doesn't look far from this place, and there is a chance that it comes back and plays another major role. The Season 7 storyline may have been interrupted by the removal of the Infinity Blade, so Epic Games might come up with an alternate plot to end the season.

Many players predict that the snowy area is eventually going to melt, bringing back some old places such as Greasy Grove and Flush Factory. However, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer hasn't revealed anything, so no one knows for sure what is going to happen. While the return of Kevin the Cube makes sense, considering that it was used for some major events, I feel that players would like to see something different.

First 2019 update

Epic Games released a small "Fortnite" content update on Sunday (December 30), but it is unknown when the first patch in 2019 is going to be released. There is a chance that this will be the first week without an update and the developer may decide to postpone it until January 8. I also want to share possible outcomes of a lawsuit against Epic Games.