Just recently, Epic Games released a new item to “Fortnite” that appears harmless and fun. However, this innocent looking item is more than meets the eye. Apparently, it is very powerful and can create massive structural damage to buildings. It can even completely destroy newly built walls when it goes off.

Latest item on 'Fortnite'

Currently, the battle royale mode of “Fortnite” introduces a new Boom Box. This item, at first glance, looks like it could create massive havoc on 1v1 firefights. Instead of acting as a weapon directed at other players, the Boom Box creates damage to walls, buildings, and structures.

If you try to shoot this item, you will just nullify its effects.

So it's smart to keep it somewhere where it is difficult to find it. You can find the Boom Box in chests. If you want to stop the Boom Box of your enemy, you simply shoot it. But, the downside is, it has 600 health. On Reddit, a Redditor named DaggerSwagge revealed the details about this newest item in the game.

According to him, the Boom Box has a range of three tiles and will require many more pulses to abolish metal over brick and brick over wood. While powerful on structures, it does not have any damage to players. The upside of this item is that during a 1v1 firefight, you can throw it at the start of a duel.

It will make it extremely difficult for your enemy to span walls.

You can also place it on the back of the quad bikes or on the plane. It can transform vehicles into moving wrecking balls. If you check on YouTube, several players uploaded videos claiming that the new item is broken. Some even say that it is an overpowered item.

New Year’s Eve event

Several hours earlier, Epic Games also launched the New Year’s Eve event which apparently created confusion among players.

As the clock hits the change of the year in the time zone of every player, what seems to be a meteor crashes through a rift in the night sky starts descending.

Actually, it is not a meteor but a massive spinning exploding ball like the one that you can see in the Times Square. Along with this ball, fireworks go off creating 2019 written in the sky.

In the Creative mode, players can get goodies. Epic Games also included a new theme called the Ice Castle. It features eight prefab Ice Castle buildings and five galleries.

Fortnite” is currently available with cross-play support on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. You can also enjoy it on devices running on iOS, and Android.