Epic Games is preparing another update for "Fortnite Battle Royale," and the development team has revealed when the update is going to be released. Even though "Fortnite" developers are currently on the winter break, which is why the current season will be extended for a few weeks, they still made effort to release patches for the popular video game. This is going to be the first "Fortnite" update released in 2019, and players are getting it next week.

The video game creator hasn't revealed what's coming with the next patch. Considering that it will be released in almost a week, we can expect more details during the weekend.

Driftboard might finally be released to the game as Epic Games intended it to be released in the first 7.10 content update. However, the release of this item has been postponed due to some bugs that were found shortly before the patch went live.

Driftboard in Fortnite

Many "Fortnite" players have already used the hoverboard as the PvE mode, Save the World, already has this mobility item. The hoverboard is very similar to the driftboard, and we will be able to use it soon in the PvP mode. Unlike other vehicles in the popular video game, the driftboard will be capable of transporting only one player at a time. However, it will have some other perks players will be able to use to avoid taking damage from enemy fire.

In the video above, you can see what the upcoming item looks like. It is very fast and allows players to move around the in-game island much faster than in other vehicles. "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will also be able to perform certain tricks with this vehicle, and just like quadcrushers, driftboards will have a designated button for turbo boost.

Judging from the leaked video, driftboard users will not take any damage while moving across the map with the vehicle. This is something that might change before the official release, and that may have been one of the bugs Epic Games had encountered prior to its original release.

Too many vehicles

Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players believe that there are too many vehicles in the game right now.

Epic Games has first added shopping carts, followed by all-terrain karts. After it, players were given quadcrushers, followed by airplanes in season 7. When driftboards come out, there is a chance that the game developer vaults on of the existing vehicles. Shopping carts are rarely used nowadays, so they might be removed soon.