Fortnite” is one of the most leaked games in 2018. Data miners were always ahead of the game developer Epic Games in revealing upcoming events of the title. However, it appears that this latest in-game party was not discovered by some data miners. Epic Games, in another surprising move, introduced a distinct way for players to celebrate their New Year’s Eve with this latest event.

Latest in-game event

Epic Games has done something with “Fortnite” in-game that celebrates 2019 for each single time zone. Some players experienced the event much earlier than others.

Regardless of where you are located, every player will experience this New Year’s Eve event. At first, the in-game event caused confusion for many players.

Some thought that it was a premature celebration. However, Epic games clarified this on the social networking site Twitter and explained that things are working the way they are intended to. If you have not yet played the event, it starts with a massive disco ball gradually descending along with a countdown. When the countdown hits zero, fireworks will explode and players are required to dance for approximately five seconds or so wherever they are and whatever they are doing. The fireworks unveil a massive 2019 written in the sky.

While the event was brief, it was fun and impressive.

It also serves as a practical solution as well since it forces players to dance as soon as the ball drops and the fireworks fly. It also serves as a surprise to some players who are not really anticipating it. The in-game event rolls every hour as the New Year overtakes us in an amazing way. It ensures that everyone can have fun and experience the event even if they could not be there when the clock hits the hour.

More events to come?

Will this latest event bring more events this 2019? Is it a sign that there will be more changes to the map? All of these questions remain to be seen.

So far, the greatest ongoing change that players see is the continuous melting of the Polar Peak. As with the latest event, you can enjoy it now or celebrate New Year’s at any hour that you want to choose.

2018 was one great year for “Fortnite.” Epic games raked in $3 billion in terms of revenue and millions of players across the globe. With this audience, it is more likely that 2019 will be massive for the game as well. Check out below the 2019 New Years Eve event gameplay by a player. The game is currently available in iOS and Android devices. It is also playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.