Epic Games has made some huge changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" in Season 7. Players have received a lot of new things, including airplanes and ziplines, and the map has gotten a snow biome for the first time in game's history. The game developer has released a lot of game-changing things with the current season, and it appears that even more big things are going to be added soon.

While players are waiting for the third 7.10 content update, which will be released on Tuesday, January 8, they have discovered some interesting things in the Polar Peak area.

It appears that this part of the map is going to play a huge role in the Season 7 storyline, even though the Infinity Blade has been vaulted. Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have seen dragon eggs in this area, and we can expect Epic Games to add dragons in season 8. The first "Fornite" update in 2019 has been announced.

Dragons in Fortnite

It is unknown what the purpose of dragons is going to be in "Fortnite Battle Royale." Epic Games may put them in the game as gliders, such as the Frostwing glider, but it is more likely that they will be included in the Season 8 storyline. However, there is a chance that dragons will simply be in-game pets. This feature was added in Season 5, and players can now select different pets to use on their back blings.

Dragon eggs can be found at Polar Peak, and this area is most likely going to completely melt by the time the season ends. The "Fortnite" developer has already made some big changes to this part of the island, and two weeks after Season 7 started, the ice in this area melted, revealing many new structures players were able to enter.

This is when the Infinity Blade was released, and even though this Mythic weapon has been vaulted, there is no doubt that Polar Peak is going to receive even more changes. A mysterious bunker was also just found.

Beginning with Season 4, Epic Games has released bi-weekly map updates.

One of the first areas to receive these updates was Dusty Divot, which played a big part in the Season 4 storyline. Now, it is time for Polar Peak to go through different changes. The more this area melts, the more hints we are going to get about Season 7 ending and new features of upcoming seasons.

Dragons coming in February?

Reddit user Sushipepz noticed that dragon eggs in Polar Peak resemble Chinese dragons. Chinese New Year starts in February, the same month when Season 7 ends. Considering that Epic Games has already released some areas and in-game cosmetics to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the theory about the dragons coming out in this month makes a lot of sense.