Rockstar Games has recently rolled out the beta version for “Red Dead Online” where players can either have a shoot fest against other players or just look around in the game’s massive open world map. Since it’s still on its beta phase, fans can expect to come across with several bugs and glitches. One of these is an exploit that was recently discovered where players can make some quick cash if done correctly.

A lot of “RDR2” players may have already known of this as it was already posted over on both the game’s subreddit and YouTube. This so-called fish glitch allows players to catch fish without ever using weapons nor a fishing rod.

Also, it’s not yet sure if the developers intentionally added this or it’s one of the many glitches in the game mode.

How to do it

To perform the exploit, players will have to get a carcass of either a deer or a pronghorn (other players pointed out that other animals can be used, though, the two are highly preferred). Head off to the part of the map where there is a body of water like a river or a lake. Place the deer/pronghorn remains on the shallow part of the water so that fishes will be lured towards it. This part is a bit tricky as the deer/pronghorn has to be placed in a way that the fishes can no longer swim back to deeper parts of the water. If done correctly, fishes will be trapped and will immediately die, and players can now easily collect the trapped fishes and sell them.

A YouTuber – LordKebun - uploaded a video about this where he showed some good spots on the map to perform this easy money exploit. He also noticed that during the morning and late afternoon are the best times in the game that players can get more fish. It was also shown in the video that larger fishes could also be caught in Owanjila.

At the time of writing, this is still pretty much in the game, though some believe that Rockstar will patch it.

Microtransactions in 'Red Dead Online'

Meanwhile, players are quite irked with “Red Dead Online’s” economy as they have deemed it pretty much expensive especially the microtransactions involving the in-game gold bars.

Windows Central also covered this story as they pointed out that the game’s online version still has a “barren” feel to it adding its economy is somewhat “bizarre” where “gold watches are worth less than a can of baked beans.”

The website further explained that players are bound to splurge a lot if they want “to go all out.” That said, they also pointed out that players will definitely cost players if they opted to equip themselves with a special horse or even gold weapons.