Destiny 2’s” “Black Armory” expansion met several issues since it went live. Bungie has also addressed some bugs that were either discovered by their dev team or their player base and some of them are still being worked on. One of the recent bugs that players came across is an issue where one of their frames will go missing from the inventory whenever they complete another weapon frame. Another frame-related issue has just been discovered and Guardians were now given the heads-up about it.

Another weapon frame issue

Guardians have already brought it to light over on the Destiny subreddit as they found out that carrying a frame from last week to this week’s reset and picking up another one without completing the first frame will cause it to “bug out.” YouTuber Cheese Forever also uploaded a minute-long clip about it stating that bringing one frame into the next will result in players losing their option to do frames next week and eventually messes up a character’s drops.

He also reminded players that unused Ballistic Logs will be removed on reset and this was already confirmed by Bungie. He then advised them to not turn in their weekly bounties until after the reset if they want to carry one over.

An Ada-1 suggestion

Meanwhile, someone from the same subreddit pitched in the idea of removing the requisite of returning to Ada-1 just to hand one thing in, and just make the next step in the bounty asking Guardians to complete a forge ignition. The suggestion was well-received by other members of the subreddit and Community Manager Cozmo took notice of it as he responded that it will be passed along among their team.

Dmg on other 'D2' stuff

About a week ago, Dmg took to Twitter to answer some concerns being raised by their player base.

He revealed that they’ve already made progress in the investigation involving the Fastidious Miser triumph. However, he stated that this will not be addressed during this week’s update adding that affected players can expect to have it addressed in January.

He also tweeted out that Bungie is planning on reintroducing catalysts for Exotics such as Graviton Lance, Sweet Business, and Sunshot for players who were unable to acquire them during season 3.

Dmg pointed out, though, that these won’t be ready in Season of the Forge.

As for the Warlock’s Nova/Slova Bomb super, Dmg assured that it’s “on their radar.” However, he added that there are “no exacts for what’s being looked at,” though he hinted that there will be buffs coming to older subclasses.