The latest updates for "Red Dead Redemption 2" reveal new details about its customization features and the upcoming online multiplayer mode. Rockstar Games officially announced they will conduct a beta test for "Red Dead Online" in November and video game fans will experience first-hand how the exciting and dangerous the wild west can be with other players online.

Rockstar Games also explains the mechanics of customizing characters and camps, as well as the use of the first-person mode in the game. "RDR2" is a prequel from the first game and lets players assume the role of Arthur Morgan, a veteran member of the Van der Linde gang who tries to keep his friends and family safe from the harsh and cruel world of the frontier.

Introducing Red Dead Online

According to Game Rant, "Red Dead Redemption 2" will have its own online multiplayer game mode called "Red Dead Online" and Rockstar Games described it as an "evolution" of the classic multiplayer experience from the original game combining a good narrative story with competitive and cooperative gameplay.

Basically, it is similar to "GTA Online," wherein players can create their own avatar and customize them. It gives choice to how they look as they immerse themselves in a massive online open-world with their friends and other players around the globe.

It was previously reported that "RDR2" will not feature character swaps like "Grand Theft Auto 5" as they want to focus only on Arthur's story.

Perhaps, players will see some differences between "Red Dead Online" and "GTA Online" when Rockstar begin their beta test in November, a month after they release the game to the consoles.

Customization and first-person mode

According to VG 24/7, Rockstar Games explained the mechanics of customization for both character and camps.

In camping, players can settle down in a location and treat it as a base hub for players to interact with other NPCs, play games, tell stories. and do missions.

In order to keep everyone's morale in good condition, players must bring supplies to the camp like medicine, weapons, ammo, money, and food. Allies will comment on their achievements and even help the players during missions.

Having enough supplies also allow players to upgrade certain aspects within the camp such as hitching posts, food stocks, additional medicine and ammo, and fast-travel spots. Arthur's sleeping quarters can also be upgraded and customized.

As for character customization, players can change Arthur's look depending on their taste, like having new clothes, engraving his gun, and even cutting his hair when it is too long. Arthur's clothes can also affect his stamina in certain weather conditions, so it's best to have fur coats when it snows.

Rockstar also added a first-person camera mode for the game to help players see the game in a deeper level and combat can be "confrontational." Rockstar previously revealed seven locations within the frontier each with their own characteristics and benefits.

"RDR2" will launch on October 26 for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.