The latest updates for "Red Dead Redemption 2" reveal more details about the prequel's gameplay features. Rockstar Games discuss the mechanics of fishing and hunting wildlife in the vast massive lands of the frontier, and how it will affect the status of the player's skills and notoriety.

The prequel's PS4 Pro bundle also revealed that "Red Dead Online" will support up to 32 players. "Red Dead Redemption 2" is set in a massive open-world of the western frontier and players assume the role of Arthur Morgan, a veteran member of the infamous Van der Linde gang.

He tries to keep his friends and family safe from lawmen and bounty hunters.

New details for Red Dead Online

According to Game Rant, the packaging of "Red Dead Redemption 2's" PS4 Pro bundle revealed that its online counterpart, "Red Dead Online," will allow up to 32 players online. Rockstar Games has yet to announce the full features of the online multiplayer mode, but video game fans expected that it will likely be similar to "GTA Online" or so much more.

Rockstar Games described "Red Dead Online" as the next evolution of the classic multiplayer games, combining deep narrative storylines with competitive and cooperative gameplay. The player count of the online mode will twice as big as the first game (16 players), and "GTA Online" (30 players).

Rockstar will conduct a beta test on the online multiplayer feature in November, a month after the game's official launch.

The PS4 Pro bundle of the prequel also revealed that the file size is at 105 GB, which is much bigger than the 65 GB file size of "Grand Theft Auto 5."

Fishing and hunting for wildlife

According to IGN, "Red Dead Redemption 2" will contain almost 200 species of wildlife that players will discover within the frontier from deer, bison, and horses, to foxes, badgers, and wolves.

These animals can be hunted for food or be used to trade and sell them for items.

Hunting in the game will be complex as players must be aware of the factors that will alert animals such as wind direction or making loud noises. Players must also be prepared to encounter animals that fight back or run away and this will bring some difficulty in dealing with them.

Fishing will see players attempt to capture several species across lakes, rivers, and streams. Using the right bait or lure, players can catch fish that can be used to cook meals for increased status or sell them for profit.

The animals in the game share the same characteristics in real life such as deer and bison traveling in herds, sockeye salmon swimming upstream, or a possum playing dead in order to be ignored by hunters.

"RDR2" will launch on October 26 for the PS4 and Xbox One.