Fortnite’s V7.10 patch has introduced new contents into the game alongside some tweaks and bug fixes. However, it looks like the recent update may have also brought in a glitch to one of the weapons in the battle royale shooter.

Someone from Reddit (u/Cloobetsu) posted a couple of clips showing this glitch where the OP stated in his first post that swapping directly to the Hunting Rifle after firing a 100 percent accuracy shot with another weapon will give the same result. The post gained some traction in r/FortNiteBR, though there are a few who are not convinced as they commented that the clip was edited.

Cloobetsu responded, though, that the video was not edited as he explained that it was just the game clock glitching. To prove that it was the real deal, the Reddit user has uploaded another video showing the same glitch where all his four shots connected and eventually eliminated his opponent.

How the trick is done

The OP also detailed down in the comments on how to replicate this glitch. According to him, one should aim down and shoot a first shot accuracy (FSA) with any weapon and without releasing both the aim and fire buttons, switch to the rifle.

The second post gained more upvotes from the community, though some members of the subreddit pointed out that this Hunting Rifle trick is not that useful against a moving target.

There are players, however, who stated they’ve been doing this trick for a while now with a dual HR setup adding that they are not aware that it can be done with other weapons. Cloobetsu even went on stating that “it hits wherever the player’s aiming adding that they just have to aim where they want the shot to hit.”

Grimbles skin now available

Meanwhile, Epic has rolled out the items available for purchase in “Fortnite’s” Item Shop for December 22-23.

Also, the updated roster has introduced both the Cold Snap pickaxe and the gnome skin dubbed the Grimbles Outfit:

Daily items

  • Scorpion Outfit (Uncommon/800 V-Bucks)
  • Survival Specialist (Rare/1,200)
  • Icebreaker Pickaxe (Uncommon/500)
  • Libre glider (Rare/800)
  • Rock out emote (Epic/800)
  • Rawr emote (Rare/500)

Featured Items

  • Grimbles Outfit (Rare/1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Ginger Gunner (Epic/1,500)
  • Merry Marauder (Epic/1,500)
  • Gingersled glider (Uncommon/500)
  • Cookie Cutter pickaxe (Uncommon/500)
  • Cold Snap pickaxe (Rare/800)

Keemstar joins in

In line with the recently released Grimbles skin, popular YouTuber Keemstar took to Twitter stating that he’ll be joining a class action lawsuit against Epic Games.

The announcement was posted alongside an image of the above-mentioned skin and made a follow-up tweet on this making it clear that he’s serious about it.