Since its introduction in "Fortnite: Battle Royale," vehicles have provided mobility to players, as they can quickly move around the map. A few months ago, Epic Games added the Quadcrasher to the game and it allowed players to perform insane stunts while chasing other opponents. That said, battle royale players have recently stumbled upon a glitch in the game that makes the vehicle invisible.

The YouTuber known as OrangeGuy recently uploaded a video detailing how it’s done, though he pointed out that it was first discovered by a player who goes by the handle, Superdude9605.

Per his description, he claims that it is the only working way to drive the invisible Quadcrasher in “Fortnite” BR’s V7.10 update.

How to do it

To perform this neat trick, OrangeGuy stated that players need to visit first one of their Block islands before they go searching for a Quadcrasher (though there are others who stated that they can just go ahead and find the vehicle). A shotgun with a sufficient amount of ammo is also needed for this glitch as they’ll be shooting a specific spot. A glitch is also stopping supply drops mid-air. And another glitch in the game involves dynamite.

Once a Quadcrasher is located, go behind it and pull it back by pressing the passenger seat button. Equip the shotgun and shoot the right side of it, where the small exhaust is located.

An indication that this step is being done correctly is when players are dealing damage to themselves. The vehicle will then turn invisible and can now be ridden off. The YouTuber reminded players, though, that once they get off of the vehicle, they can no longer ride it again.

Trying out the Driftboard

Meanwhile, Epic Games was supposed to release the Driftboard alongside the V7.10 patch.

It got pulled out, though, at the last minute, “to make some final quality of life changes and other polish improvements.” However, some folks from the community still managed to experience the yet to be released ride.

A few days ago, Orange also uploaded a video about this, as he provided the steps on how to do it. He stated on his video, however, that the glitch can only be done in “Fortnite’s” Creative Mode.

According to Orange, players may want to visit one of their Block Islands first, adding that they need to be above Lazy Links and Junk Junction. Otherwise, they have to visit another island. Next is to get a lot of clock towers and build up to maximum height.

Once met, players need to stack those clock towers until they reach and break through the so-called sky barrier. They also need to fly as high as they can and respawn afterward. Players can now land on the game’s actual map and get the Driftboard.