After it received a ton of backlash from the “Fortnitebattle royale community for being pretty much overpowered, the melee weapon that is the Infinity Blade was vaulted away by Epic Games. However, it has been discovered that players can still use the mythic item even though it was already removed by the developer.

YouTuber Orange Guy – who’s known for his Fortnite glitch tutorials – has uploaded a video detailing how this Infinity Blade trick can be done. The title of his video pointed out though, that he used a glitch in the game’s Creative Mode to once again use the powerful weapon.

How to get the mythical weapon

To replicate the glitch, players will have to make their way to “Fortnite’s” Creative Hub and go to one of the featured islands alongside the code that he showed in his recent video (8854-1031-9709). Once on the island, they will have to wait for the whole map to load in before starting the game.

The blade will be there once the game starts. Players will have to pick up the weapon and head back to the Creative Hub and drop the Infinity Blade once again.

Once they’re back on the Creative Hub, the sword must be placed close to the rift, but not too close. The next step is a bit tricky as players are required to run through to the Infinity Blade, pick it up, and get inside the rift (the clip shows how to do it).

The weapon will have to be placed on an Item Spawner so that the blade will constantly pop up from there.

More of that underwater content in future updates

Meanwhile, Epic Games has just rolled out the Fish Food Gear set that comes with the new Fishstick outfit, the Coral Cruiser glider, and the Bootstrap pickaxe (the developer also released an octopus-looking banner).

That said, leaked 3D renders suggest that more of these will arrive in the game as the website known as Skin-Tracker came out with a couple of these yet to be revealed cosmetics.

If the website’s Sketchfab posts are anything to go by, it may well seem that “Fortnite” players will be getting the so-called Nautilus glider and pickaxe.

The former’s 3D render has a metallic finish, though the latter has yet to be applied with color. Albeit both being deemed as marine-themed items, other players are pointing out that the pickaxe looks like the cosmic entity known as Cthulhu, according to Dexerto. The publication added that “Fortnite” is prepping up for an “underwater experience in the coming weeks.”

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