The Guardian grind continues in “Destiny 2,” as players are collecting those consumables/planetary resources in the game that are essential in improving their gear. Dusklight Shards and Microphasic Datalattice are just two of the materials that can be found in the online-only shooter, though they’re a bit difficult to come by. However, players have discovered an easy way to farm these items. Also, there is a brand new glitch affecting frames.

YouTuber Cheese Forever recently uploaded a video detailing how the farming method is done. According to him, players will be able to acquire the above-mentioned consumables without any effort.

How to do it

To farm without effort, players will have to either equip their characters with low power items from their inventory. or purchase some green gear from Hawthorne and put it on. The YouTuber further explained that players will be put into matchmaking with other folks in the game, based on their power levels. He also stated that players who are using this method are likely to be matched against other players who are also farming for these planetary materials. The round will eventually fail and the game will launch players to another activity until they manually back out from the queue.

Players can now either load up a forge on Nessus if they’ll be collecting Datalattice or a forge in the EDZ for some Dusklight.

Players will just have to turn off their controllers and leave the game running to farm those materials. After several hours, they can collect the consumables from the Postmaster. Cheese even showed, in his minute-long video, how much Datalattice he collected after seven hours. He stated that this so-called AFK farming method can also gather some of those Dawning Essences while the event is still going.

Bungie has also responded to new emerging issues.

For lore collectors

For those who are into collecting “Destiny” lore like the ones in the Black Armory, the first step of the farming method will be of great use to them. As mentioned, players will just have to equip their Guardians with some of those low leveled power items and launch the Gofannon Forge (remember that this trick can only be done on that forge).

Just like the AFK farm, just leave the game running, as it will continuously fail and launch to another activity without the worry of being kicked out for being AFK. After several hours, players can collect those Black Armoy papers, alongside some Datalattice.