Guardians are just a few days away from jumping right into “Destiny 2’s” next DLC – the Black Armory. Bungie also detailed in their recent blog post the changes that they implemented in the game including some fixes on some issues that have irked its player base for quite a while now. The dev also made several responses to player concerns that were not tackled on the latest update.

Community Manager Cozmo recently revealed over on the Destiny subreddit that he’s been having talks with the Sandbox team on an update of what they’ve prepped up for future updates.

He added that the yet to be released update will answer some of the players' questions regarding the Telesto, One Eyed Mask, and the Nova Warp.

There is a matchmaking team

He also stated that he and fellow manager Dmg met with “Destiny 2’s” Matchmaking team as they went over the players’ feedback, adding that they are investigating the game’s matchmaking data and at the same time reviewing the player base’s feedback. This came after Reddit user u/DJTisSOL made a lengthy post suggesting that “D2’ doesn’t have a Crucible team that balances and monitors the game’s PvP.

Regarding shotguns being prevalent in the game, Cozmo pointed out that they’ve already buffed the range of SMGs and even encouraged players to give them a try and relay their feedback about it.

He went on asking the community as to what changes in fusions they would like to see.

On Gambit and Morgeth

Cozmo also addressed an issue in Gambit where players who backed out during matchmaking are slapped with penalties.

The same thing goes with the Morgeth encounter where the game crashes as soon as the Taken Ogre’s health reaches 50 percent. He tweeted a possible workaround, though, as they work on a fix for the issue.

Chromatic Fire clarification

Dmg, on the other hand, made some clarification regarding the Chromatic Fire.

He stated over on Bungie Forums that the issue with the Exotic where it would proc twice when defeating enemies with headshots could lead to more serious bugs and this has to be addressed. He further explained that alongside the fix, a damage buff is also planned to keep functionality in line. Dmg went on, stating that the fix for the perk went live alongside update 2.1.0 while the increase in damage will be rolled out next week together with update 2.1.1. As for the Synthoceps, Well of Radiance, and Harbinger’s Echo bugs, the community manager assured the community that these will also be fixed next week.