Bungie has recently opened the Gofannon Forge in “Destiny 2’s” latest expansion where Guardians can craft one of the Black Armory’s most potent weapons. However, players have stumbled upon an issue that can cause one of the hard-earned weapon frames to disappear from their inventory.

Reddit user u/TheOfficialProtostar took to the Destiny subreddit to warn his fellow Guardians about this game-breaking bug. Per the Redditor, he already gained possession of both the auto rifle and sniper frames from the two forges and went on doing a run for Volundr.

Unfortunately, upon completion, he and his team noticed that their respective sniper frames just went poof from their inventory adding that rebuying the lost item from Ada-1 is not possible.

Bungie investigates

Community Manager Dmg responded to the post advising players to report the above-mentioned issue to Bungie.net’s #Help forum adding that the process will help them get the affected player’s account details for potential reproduction. It was also addressed over on Twitter and they are now investigating the issue. The tweet also stated that players should only have one weapon frame within the character’s inventory at any given time.

The developer is also looking into another issue where the completion of the Scourge of the Past within the first 24-hour limit does not unlock the Scourge of Nothing emblem or associated triumph.

Bungie went on stating that information about this bug will be rolled out as soon as they arise.

Hand Lock unlocking

“D2” players, on the other hand, have already figured out how to open another lock in the so-called Mysterious Box Exotic quest.

The process is pretty much the similar to the Fishhook lock in the Volundr Forge where players will have to shoot down a couple of drones in the Gofannon Forge. YouTuber Ninja Pups provided a walkthrough on where the drones will spawn as this will take place at the start of round two. He added that eliminating the boss is no longer needed on this one, though making it to round three is a must.

After eliminating the drones, players will be getting the Maximum Temper alongside a crate that will appear after the second round.

Meanwhile, Bungie has recently announced on their latest This Week at Bungie blog post the upcoming Dawning event as it will usher in more content in the game. One of them is the machine gun dubbed the Avalanche. That said, Dmg pointed out over on Reddit that the new weapon will drop at the character’s power as he revealed that players will be receiving multiple during the course of the event that will kick off this December 11 until January 1, 2019.