Just a few days after “Destiny 2’s” “Black ArmoryDLC went live, Bungie already made some adjustments on its Power requisite after numerous player feedback. After a server-side update, the developer has toned down the Power requirements for all the encounters within the Lost Forges by five. A new This Week at Bungie blog was also released announcing the return of The Dawning event alongside some changes in the game. Prior to these, Bungie also took to their social media channels to answer some of their community’s concerns and suggestions.

Telesto and Nova Warp nerf

The new TWAB post has detailed some new stuff that will be added in “Destiny 2” including some upcoming nerfs. Per Bungie’s blog, it was revealed that the Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto will be getting a nerf. This after players have been suggesting such tweak for quite a while now. It says that the weapon nerf is slated for a late January patch where its bolts-to-kill will now be matching its charge rate.

The same thing will happen with the Warlock Voidwalker’s super - the Nova Warp. Bungie acknowledged that the ability is currently “too dominant” adding the changes are now on its way. Just like the Telesto, it will be updated in an upcoming patch in late January next year.

On Titan Skating

As for Titan Skating on PC, the developer stated that it might take them a while before they could find a solid fix for this issue. Bungie explained that they are wary on how to do it since it is “closely tied to the core feel of the Lift ability.”

Timer increased

Bungie also took to Twitter to announce that they’ve increased the matchmaking timer when Guardians enter the Blind Well adding that the change “will improve the matchmaking results for players entering the area at a normal pace.” They pointed out, though, that players may still see a loading icon in the process.

For the uninitiated, the developer previously tweeted that they’ve already identified the issue within the Blind Well’s matchmaking adding that they found a workaround for it.

The method, though, is quite unusual as players are advised to walk slowly through the right side of the hallway and hugging the wall at the same time. Community Manager Dmg added that it may take some time for it to be addressed, but assured players that they’ll provide updates whenever it arises. He also stated over on Reddit that the Dawning Machine Gun – Avalanche will be dropping at the Guardians’ power level adding that they will be getting a lot of it as random rolls.