Season 6 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is scheduled to end in exactly 14 days. If Epic Games don't extend the current season, the new one will most likely start on either December 6 or one day after. However, we can expect the game developer to extend the season for at least two more, which is something that has been the case in the previous seasons. Many players are excited for season 7, and they have a good reason to be.

As we have already posted, Epic Games have hinted at a snowy map for the next season. However, the video game developer has also added some game files that indicate the presence of snow in season 7.

These files have been added with the v6.30 update, released earlier this week, and data miners have found them and shared them with the rest of the community.

Snow game files have been data mined

Popular Twitter data miner FNBRLeaks has recently shared some interesting information found in the "Fortnite Battle Royale" data. Considering that Epic Games have been busy releasing updates for the popular video game, data miners have used this chance to find new information in the game files. Most of the things found in the game data are still work in progress, but there is no doubt that the game developer is going to release them at some point.

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" creator has teased players with snow.

From the feet on the A.I.M. skin to the Deep Freeze Bundle promo, the developer has shown snow on more than one occasion. Additionally, players have noticed a snowstorm approaching the island from its south side. The snowstorm is getting closer to the island every day, and many players believe that it will reach the island in early December.

The Twitter data miner has found numerous files indicating the presence of snow and snow footsteps. Furthermore, the user has extracted sound effects from the game data, and we can now hear what snow footsteps will sound like.

As you can see from the tweets above, Epic Games have added many new files related to snow. Considering that season 7 starts in December, we can expect the island, or at least one part of it, to be covered with snow.

This is something many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have wanted to see, and it seems that it is finally happening.

Season 7

Season 6 of the popular game is going to end in two weeks, but we can expect Epic Games to extend it for a few days. Keeping this in mind, we expect season 7 to start on December 10 or earlier.