Disney’s sequel to 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” that is “Ralph Breaks the Internet” has just been released and has been getting a lot of good reviews from both moviegoers and film critics alike. “Fortnite” fans who got to see it claim that there were several references about the game that were spotted within the 3D animated flick. That said, it looks a possible collaboration between the two franchises may have been hinted in the battle royale shooter as players have seen Ralph literally passed by in the game.

Reddit user and Twitch streamer u/MozzzyyTwitch was just one of the players who encountered Ralph during a BR match.

He was able to clip the moment when he landed on Risky Reels and saw the movie’s protagonist wave for a few seconds on the big screen. YouTubers TmarTn2 and Chaos also covered the yet to be announced crossover as the former pointed out in his recent upload that @TheLittleYH was the one who first brought it to light.

An exploit using a dynamite

Meanwhile, Redditor u/TheMightyWitcher recently took to r/FortniteCompetitive to show a dynamite exploit where players will not be getting any damage from its explosion.

If the Redditor’s posted clip is anything to go by, players will just have to look up before the dynamite explodes - and that’s basically it. The short video even showed the comparison between a character that’s not looking up and the other one that does the trick. At the time of writing, the exploit is still very much doable in the game and no official statement from Epic Games has been released yet.

Dexerto also covered the story as they stated that the glitch will definitely come in handy whenever players try to break into an opponent’s base. It can also be used on enemies who have the penchant of encasing themselves inside a 1x1.

Players have mixed opinions about the new item when it was introduced into the game a few days ago.

For the uninitiated, the item got removed just a few hours from its release as the game developer stated that it caused an increase in client crashes. It was then added back into the game alongside the Wild West limited time mode.

Tender Defender and Wukong Bundle officially rolled out

Meanwhile, Epic has officially rolled out the fan suggested Tender Defender outfit (1,500 V-Bucks) including its Flappy Flyer glider and Scrambler pickaxe (thanks for this awesome idea, Connor). The game maker also released the Wukong Bundle that comes with the skin, glider, and its pickaxe.