The “Cats & Dogs” release date on The Sims 4 draws near and after quite a long wait, players will be able to play the highly anticipated expansion pack on November 10. To whet the appetite of fans, Maxis recently offered an exciting gameplay preview at its major content features.

On Thursday, the Sims team held a live stream that revealed a closer look at the new features to expect from “Cats & Dogs” expansion pack. The preview showed off a peek at the Vet Clinic gameplay, Brindleton Bay world map, and an overview of all the build mode objects as well.

Those who missed watching the live stream can view the replay video below.

Vet Clinic Gameplay

Apparently, the Vet Clinic gameplay was broadly discussed during the live stream chat Q&A session with Sims players. Hence, there are tons of information revealed about this specific feature.

To mention a few, there will be a new vet skill and notably, the most important as it creates an impact on how fast and effective the Sims can treat their Pets. Also, Sims will use a Vet Check-in Podium object to check in their pets at the clinic.

In addition, a pet’s sickness only occurs on a random basis and each sickness has different symptoms. There are around 20 different pet sicknesses in the gameplay and pets will also be able to react when they’re treated badly.

Players should also note that they can’t operate a Vet Clinic from their own home lots. Notably, there will be a special bonus if a pregnant cat or a dog will give birth at the Vet Clinic.

Brindleton Bay world map

On the other hand, Maxis also unveiled the map of Brindleton Bay as the new world in “The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs.” According to SimGuruJM, Brindleton Bay will come in four neighborhoods, with three full neighborhoods and one special neighborhood.

However, there are a number of fans who commented that the new world appeared to be a small one. One gamer named Simsfan9911 pointed out as saying,” Smaller than I thought it would be but man it looks so good!” Another one took notice that the world map only has three empty lots for building while the other said that “there is barely any space.”

Build Mode objects

Lastly, the Sims team also went on to tease a number of new build mode objects that will arrive with “Cats and Dogs” expansion pack.

It appears that there will be a total of 260 new objects including some wallpapers, floors, and a lot more.

“The Sims 4” PC and Mac version will receive “Cats & Dogs” on November 10 worldwide. The upcoming expansion is available for pre-order and sold at a price of $39.99.