The latest updates for "Kingdom Hearts 3" reveal new game details at this year's Gamescom event. Game director Tetsuya Nomura gave his insights on the sequel's convoluted story as he told VG 24/7 that he and development team are working hard to fill in the gaps and cater its gameplay for both old fans and newbies to the series.

Kotaku also reported on changes they noticed within the game when they tried its demo at the same event. "Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature Sora and the Keyblade wielders' last battle with the Heartless, the Organization XIII, and their leader, Master Xehanort as they save the whole universe from their dark reign.

'KH3' caters to players new to the franchise

According to VG 24/7, Tetsuya Nomura stated that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will not be difficult to play with for video game fans who are new to the crossover series. The story development of the third game was a problem for Square Enix as it left a huge 14-year long gap since the release of "KH2," however, Nomura told the video game website that they are doing all they can to catch everyone up from what happened in the past titles.

"We have included several elements in Kingdom Hearts 3 to explain the story and get newcomers up to speed the minimum required level of understanding, including a series of videos to explain the story so far at the start of the game," Nomura told VG 24/7.

The sequel will feature explore new Disney worlds from movies like "Tangled," "Big Hero 6," "Toys Story," and "Monsters Inc." Square Enix showcased "Frozen" at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event. The sequel will also feature old worlds such Mt. Olympus from "Hercules" and "The Caribbean" from "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

Square Enix also plans to add more Disney Worlds as part of their post-launch DLC and there will no season pass subscriptions. Sora, Donald, and Guffy are also joined returning characters Riku, King Mickey, Kairi, Axel, and Aqua.

New changes at Gamescom 2018

According to Kotaku, the gameplay changes they saw at the Gamescom demo is that it plays similar to "KH 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage," but with updated move sets, magic attacks, and summons.

Players can change their Keyblades anytime they wish, however, the drawback will be that each time they swap Keyblades they will experience a whole new different move set. Not to mention, that each Keyblade has its own power meter to charge if they execute each of their own special ability.