"Fortnite's" recent patch v6.22 added new game files and data miners were quick to dig out some new information about the upcoming season 6 Hunting Party skin. This new legendary skin can be unlocked once Battle Pass owners complete all challenges from seven out of ten of the weekly challenges.

Hunting Party skin

Even though the main theme of this season is "Darkness Rises," a robot outfit doesn't match the plot at all. Players were expecting the skin to have some sort of similarity with Kevin the Cube, but it seems like Epic Games is trying to move in another direction with the game.

A.I.M. (Legendary Rarity) -- "Scanning area for targets..."

Compared to the other Legendary skins that appear in the in-game store, this skin is very bland and doesn't seem like it's worth all the hard work for completing the seven weekly challenges as some of them have multiple stages. Some fans even noticed its resemblance to The Visitor and Enforcer skin.

Still, it's a free skin for the Battle Pass owners, so it's still worth grabbing it before season 7 begins.

More cosmetic items

The Hunting Party exclusive skin may not be all that great but it comes with a back sling and a harvesting tool that are more interesting than the skin itself.

The back bling is called "E.L.I.M." which looks like some sort of power generator and perfectly fits the new outfit. There's also a harvesting tool included in this set called "A.X.E." and it looks like it's worth completing all the weekly challenges

Some new content related to the "Fortnite's" collaboration with the NFL is also added in the latest game patch and will be available on November 9 for players to buy.

If you don't know about the football players skins already, the female version of the skins are called "Blitz," "Rush," "Interceptor," and "Juke" while the male equivalents are known as "End Zone," "Spike," "Strong Guard," and "Gridiron."

We already knew about the football player skins, but the latest leaks have revealed that there are also male and female referee skins (Striped Soldier and Whistle Warrior) added to the game.

Lastly, like every other "Fortnite" update, there's a new glider coming to the game as well. The new glider is called "Touchdown" and as the name suggests, the glider is included in the football set as a part of "Fortnite's" collaboration with NFL.

Currently, we don't know if the robot theme is going to have a big impact on the game or not, but there are rumors that "Fortnite" will be going through major map change soon.