is probably one of the best “Destiny” item tracker sites as they are dedicated to developing new tools in helping to keep Guardians hooked and excited about the online-only shooter. That said, the website just launched a new tool that would help players look for their preferred Curated Rolls.

Reddit user u/Eander (afpac) recently took to the Destiny subreddit to announce that he recently rolled out a new feature dubbed the God Roll Finder. Per the Redditor, his goal in developing the tool is to make it easy for every “Destiny 2” player to find what weapons can roll with the perks that they like, minus the hassle of snooping through the roster of items.

How the new tool works

Afpac even detailed in his post how this new feature works. In his example, a player who is looking for a hand cannon that can roll with Outlaw and Dragonfly can simply pick these perks and search for the weapon using the God Roll Finder. The result yielded the Nation of Beasts hand cannon as this is the only weapon in the roster that can roll with that combo at the same time. The tool also shows the difference between god and random roll weapons as they are highlighted on the results page as red and blue respectively.

The Redditor pointed out that the tool’s pick perks are pretty basic at the moment.

He assured players, though, that he’ll be making further improvements to it in the coming weeks to allow them to "fully leverage the flexibility built into the filters.”

Destiny 2 UI assets rolled out to fans

Bungie’s Visual Design Lead Ryan Klaverweide, on the other hand, recently released all of the UI elements that were used in “Destiny 2.” These images were posted over on Adobe’s Behance website and have been getting a lot of views from the “D2” community.

Majors were initially called as Elites

These UI assets were also posted over on the Destiny subreddit and it certainly gained a lot of upvotes from the community members. Some Reddit users got confused though, with a particular UI asset as it showed a health bar model with the word “Elite Combatant." They pointed out that there was no such thing in the game.

Someone from Bungie (u/gunmaster95) made some clarifications about it stating that during “D2’s” development, “Elite” was the term that the dev team “used internally” to refer to what Guardians are calling now as “Majors.” The Bungie employee added that he can't even recall the term being used in retail.