We're almost a week into "Fortnite's" Fortnitemares event and the game's official social media accounts have teased that something big is about to happen in the game. Epic Games has announced that the cube monster madness in "Fortnite: Battle Royale" will end this Sunday and that players should try to get in a match on November 4 at 1 PM ET to witness the one-time event that will mark the end of Fortnitemares.

One-time event

There's no official word about the event itself, but we're sure that it will have to do something with Kevin the Cube. If you dropped on the floating island recently, you would've noticed that there are visible cracks in the giant purple cube and some players are speculating that the cube will explode in the upcoming event.

Now it's worth mentioning that a similar theory went viral along with an animation frame during the last few days of the season 5 which theorized that the purple cube will burst before the season 6, but that didn't happen and now it finally looks like the theory will become reality at the end of Fortnitemares.

Whatever happens on Sunday, it will be an end to the "Fortnite's" Halloween theme and kick off the lead up to the seventh season, because we're halfway through season 6 and the cube appeared in season 5 at the same time.

Delayed update

Epic Games has announced that the "Fortnite's" 6.21 update, that was supposed to go live on October 31, is going to be released today (November 1). Apparently, they had to postpone the update because they found a "last minute issue" with the newest build of the game.

This new update is going to focus on bug fixing, although a couple of new elements are also expected to be added in the upcoming update.

A couple of days ago, "Fortnite's" in-game news teased a new item called "Balloons" with the following description: “Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude!” We're not sure how this item will work, but it might be added to the game today.

Glider re-deploy update

Last "Fortnite" update introduced the ability for players to re-deploy the glider while in the solo, duo, or squads match as a "testing" feature and now after tons of feedback, the developers have responded.

Some players wanted Epic Games to remove this feature because fall damage was one of the best ways to eliminate other players, but the glider re-deploy made it completely pointless to knock down high structures.

Epic Games has responded by saying that they are keeping the feature in the game for further testing and some changes regarding the audio of the glider and weapons will be coming in the next update.