The giant purple cube, which was nicknamed "Kevin the Cube," is finally gone from the battle royale map, but it did something wondrous before it disappeared from Leaky Lake. "Fortnite's" Halloween event, Fortnitemares, has also come to an ended after this unusual occurrence.

A new dimension

We already know how Kevin the Cube appeared out of a giant rift in season 5 and it created different runes before melting into the Loot Lake. The mysterious cube was a key element to "Fortnite" season 6 "Darkness Rises" theme as it spawned cube monsters from Save The World mode into the Battle Royale mode.

The cube also has substantial effects on the map because it created the corruption biomes all across the map and turned the former Loot Lake into Leaky Lake.

When the Fortnitemares event started, the cube began to destabilize, and cracks appeared all over it as it started to gave out streaks of purple lightning, similar to the one that gave birth to it back in season 5. A couple of days ago (November 3), the enormous cube started to crumble, and pieces from it started to fall into the whirlpool directly below it.

Yesterday (November 4) at 1 P.M.

ET, the cube started to pulsate and spun rapidly before exploding and then it disappeared. The whole place was covered with white light (the HUD also disappeared), for a brief moment, after the explosion and it sucked everyone into a strange brightly-lit realm.

All the players floated and the items and weapons were disabled as well.

Out of nowhere, a rift appeared which turned into a small fluttering butterfly. The characters could be seen looking at the butterfly and finally, the characters touched the butterfly and were transported back to the map.

The whole event took place in about 5 minutes and if you weren't able to witness it live, don't worry you can watch the whole thing below:

New challenge

After the end of the event, a rainbow formed over the new Leaky Lake and the rest of the match went on as usual.

Players are already missing Kevin the Cube, but Epic Games added a new back bling item called Lil' Kev in memory of Kevin the Cube.

The item can be unlocked by completing a set of challenges which are mentioned below:

  • Play Matches (0/15) – 500 XP
  • Gain 5,000 XP (0/5000) – 500 XP
  • Outlive Opponents (0/500) – 500 XP

What comes next?

Now that the whole corruption plot is over, a mysterious Stonehenge (I'll call it Cube Stonehenge) has appeared at the center of the map. Currently, the whole map is peaceful, but we don't know how long the peace will last for.