BlizzCon 2018 officially kicked off yesterday and Bungie made an announcement that “Destiny 2” will be free for all players until November 18. The game developer made a few more comments on their social media pages in response to some of their community’s concerns and one of them is “D2’s” new PvP mode – Breakthrough.

As mentioned, Community Manager Dmg (@A_dmg04) recently took to Bungie’s social media channels to announce that Breakthrough has been removed from the game’s Competitive Playlist, though he pointed out that the game type may still be accessed via the Weekly Crucible Playlist when featured.

He went on, stating that he and fellow manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23,) will be gathering feedback about this recent tweak.

Before Breakthrough got removed

Prior to its removal, someone from Reddit posted his experience while playing Breakthrough and he claimed that the opposing team never secured the Breaker, adding that the other squad just let them get it while they just positioned themselves on their spawning area. The Redditor further explained that once their vault got exposed, the team in question simply wrecked them with their Telestos and went on, winning three to none.

Guardians might recall that about a month ago, the game mode was temporarily removed by Bungie as they explained back then that they are investigating issues impacting the game type.

Players have also expressed their concerns about the PvP mode as some of them claim that more skilled opponents tend to exploit the game by no longer playing its objectives.

Meanwhile, Dmg also responded to another Redditor who’s asking about some updates regarding Chaos Reach. According to him, it is still being worked on by the team, though there is no definite timeframe as to when will it be fixed.

Cozmo, on the other hand, stated that Bungie is aware of the request to add a so-called Raid checkpoint reset mechanic as this has been pitched once again on the game’s subreddit. He also assured players that issues regarding the Acrius doing little damage to majors/ultras and a suggestion to add more rewards for Triumphs, and fewer Triumphs with zero points, are both noted and will be passed along among the team.

Three Infamy resets

Bungie’s Senior Designer and Gambit Feature Lead Robbie Stevens (@mursamune), also took to Twitter to do a bit of PSA. He announced that the Gambit Ghost being sold by the Drifter would require three Infamy resets. He added that these resets can happen across multiple Seasons. He went, on stating that Guardians need not fret if they feel that they can’t hit three resets during Season 4.