Game developer Epic Games has always welcomed “Fortnite” fan suggestions as a lot of them have already made it to the battle royale shooter. That said, another pitched idea is likely to be added in the game as it was spotted by data miners within the game files.

A 3D render of a “Fortnite” skin dubbed in the files as Tender Defender has been stumbled upon by leakers just recently. The head of the model is still missing, though both data miners and players who saw it are certain that it will be introduced in the game’s Item Shop in the coming weeks.

In line with this, a couple of egg 3D models were also discovered under the glider category.

It comes with a glider

A tweet from data miner @FBR_Fortnitee shows the egg in whole while the other image only shows half of it suggesting that it will have a breaking animation to reveal the actual glider. The third screenshot featured what could be the real glider which is a chicken holding a spoon/fork, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Chicken Trooper/Tender Defender origin

Back in September, a kid named Connor was the one who pitched the idea to add the above-mentioned skin in the game. He initially called it the Chicken Trooper. His dad – Reddit user u/tfoust10 - posted the skin suggestion over on the FortNiteBR subreddit as this was his request.

The post was well received by the community and it gained a massive number of upvotes.

The same thing happened to u/Etsyturtle when he made some improvements on Connor’s sketch and posted it on the same sub. U/tfoust10 took notice of it and commended his work, adding his kid will surely love it. From the leaked 3D images, it is pretty much obvious that Epic took the entire design from u/Etsyturtle’s post including the Tender Defender moniker.

Other interesting stuff in the game files

Meanwhile, @FBR_Fortnitee also dug up what he claims to be the updated files of the consumable soda that has been within the game files since Season 4.

However, additional information on how this so-called Durr Drink works is still undisclosed.

The data miner also came across with some files which he claims shows the game developer could be selling cosmetic bundles in “FortniteBR’s Item Shop.

If the screenshots are anything to go by, it may well seem that Epic has already prepped up cosmetic bundles for WuKong, Rex, the Highlander, and for the Leviathan. The leaker added that the bundle will come with the outfit, pickaxe, and glider.